Automobile Repossessions can cause much anxiety.  Additionally, many consumers are sued for deficiency balances every year in our State.  First, the finance company must have legal grounds to repossess a vehicle. Second, the company they hire to repossess the car many not “breach the peace”. Third, they have to provide adequate notice of their “intent to sell” the vehicle after repossession. If not they violate Indiana Law and your “due process” rights. Fourth, they cannot add unreasonable repossession costs, fees and charges not allowable by law. Many “debt buyers” are buying these alleged debts and are pursuing in Court throughout the State . It is important to keep notes including a timeline on how the repossession took place . Keep all documentation you have from the purchase and all notices and any collection letters you receive. Finally, there are time limits on responding to lawsuits. If you do not respond to them in time, or in the wrong way, a judgment may be entered against you.  Many times you have valid defenses to raise when you are sued.  There also statutes of limitations that apply- if you have the right to sue car dealers, debt buyers, finance companies and collectors such as collection agencies and attorneys. Please seek legal advice with an Attorney as to your rights!